11 sex toys that women love

Sex toys are ideal to get out of the routine and have more pleasure,

Although there are still many taboos and fears, a large number of women enjoy using sex toys.

Whether alone or in a couple, it is a fact that the use of sex toys increases pleasure and helps to better understand the erogenous zones.

Therefore, we list the 10 toys that are the favorites of women and that they enjoy the most. Take note.

Women’s favorite sex toys

1. Vibrators

These are by far the favorites of most women. Some are made with textures that can be very similar to human skin and are designed to stimulate the G-spot, the clitoris, and the vulva.

The details and a perfect size make it much more pleasant.

2. Mini anal accustomed

It is ideal for women who enjoy having the right amount of anal stimulation with ease and comfort.

3. Covers for fingers

They are specially made to caress the female genitalia. They have a simple use since they are only placed on the fingers with lubricant and when caressing the vagina increases the sensations.

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4. Creams

Many women love to buy creams to please the sexual desires of their partner since their use contracts the vaginal muscle and you can experience the sensation of a much narrower hymen. The effect of the cream can last up to six hours.

5. Rings to prolong the erection

They were created as a method to maintain an erection for longer in case of having a disorder, however now they are used as part of the sexual game.

It can help control ejaculation and some are designed to give new sensations to the clitoris .

6. Feathers

Some girls enjoy intense sex , but also enjoy a soft and delicate encounter. The feathers can be used to caress the skin gently and can also be used in sensitive areas such as the clitoris or the anus .

7. Oral sex simulator

It is a series of lapping tongues that are capable of causing the most intense and long orgasms. It is light, it takes good travel and fits in one hand.

8. Wives

As part of the previous game, many women enjoy feeling subdued. Using handcuffs covered in synthetic leather and with colors is ideal for a coquettish and rough game at the same time.

9. Chinese balls

They are essential for any girl who seeks to increase sensations in sex . They provide more pleasure, lubricate, sensitize and exert more control of the pelvic area .

10. Sexual costumes

Many women enjoy being sensual in a night of passion and undoubtedly, a costume helps to expand the imagination and sexual creativity.

11. Male Sex doll

Male sex doll can provide with all the same joys that your spouse or partner may offer you in your bedroom. There are times when your spouse or partner is not always available when you want action in the bedroom. Therefore, the best solution is to have it with a male sex doll what your heart desires.

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