Why do not you have sex with Dutch wife? An outrageous beauty came!

Suddenly, have you ever had sex with Dutch wife? Of course, do not call “sex” to play with such love dolls in the first place. Still, they are worrisome like that. Are you interested?

Actually, there is a shop delivering such love dolls. They are too realist, it is Chile who nominated A child as if you wanted to play once. Yes, it is stupid, what kind of night is it?

Does such playing become customs in the first place?

I have been interested in such love dolls since long ago. If you search there, there are shops where you can deliver home! At that time the story will be sooner or later. Delidor? The fight with.

The thing that I became most concerned was “how far is the doll actually”. You too are the same, it feels nice, looks, how close you are to the real thing, it just becomes a matter of concern. It’s really curious, and it’s uncontrollable as if it’s a burning skeletal mind for the first time in a while.

How much does it cost to play?

Surprisingly, it is a charge setting that does not change from playing deli usually. Well, it’s because it’s worth it, but even a morning stupid mistake is a little surprising for this. Well if you buy it will cost more than 500,000, there is no help for it.

You can see the actual videos of their girls here.

Although I first make a phone call and make a reservation, I do not know what to choose as a standard even if it says “Do you have a nomination?” Naturally, it is the first time for me, so, for the time being, I will nominate a Loli-type A child who has the most “disgusting feeling”.
Can not choose the costume as an option.

▲ Iloilo type, I will definitely choose


When you are watching a site etc., he is about the same height and weight as almost normal people. Of course, it was over there that I was most interested in. Moreover, I can not walk with my own feet, so I was very interested in how it will be delivered.

The moment of destiny, the play begins with love doll at last! What do you do?

Well, the first question was “How to deliver”, this was understood at the moment she arrived. The old man who came to the delivery came with something like a long carry bag to put a surfboard.

When walking in such a format midnight, you will absolutely be asked a job question!

Well, now the time for both of us started with her.

I do not feel any tension at all for human female counterparts, but at this time I was excited for some reason. When slowly unloading the carry-bag fasteners, it appeared there was a real woman, No doll that wanted to shout “Oh My God!”


But from here it has solidified for a while what to do. First of all, I decided to sit on the sofa, but weigh as much as a little petite lady. Just sitting down is a pain.

But it’s too realistic. A mysterious feeling like a mischievous female sleeping woman attacked me. Clearly speaking, it has been horrible. Everyone too, let’s just say this!!

I brought her to the bed right away and slowly took off her miniskirt. Can you imagine such a figure? Although it is “just a metamorphosis” from an ordinary person, I still remember the high-pitched sound of my chest at this time.

And a rich play with her starts. In reality, I wanted to look more closely, but I have only 90 minutes. I decided to put my bazooka in my mouth first which became harder by 30% more than usual. It’s an enemy attack!!! It is equivalent to tension going up.

The visually very nasty feeling is visually appealing. However, because the other party is a doll, I will not react at all even if I try hard. Of course, it is natural.

I am excited, but I was such a strange feeling that there is another one who is looking at it objectively. And I could not wait to insert it all at once, and · · · I was doing a vaginal cum shot in a mere 5 minutes. I was at a loss as to whether I should make facial shots.

Suddenly I wondered what “I was doing”? Such feeling came at a stroke. Only this figure cannot be shown to a person absolutely, please be careful. Let’s not state it!!

I still had time to sleep in the bed because there was still time, but when I looked at it a little away I felt it was too real and fearful.

Please experience it once, I am surprised really.

I do not put out high money, but want to make a mockery “erase” erotic figure to you

▲ It is small even though it is small ~


Even if you do not become a maniac so far, recently many erotic figures have appeared. Although the size is miniature here, enough things are increasing enough for a little Zurineta these days.

Unfortunately, this is not delivered or rented, so you only have to purchase it.

▲ No, I can not get out of this with this ~


This may also be called a kind of virtual sex. Life is an experience anything! But there are still many kinds of fun in the world. If you give out the same money, people who think that raw ladies would be nice were also awesome, did not they?

I can not do handjob in Dutch wife, so let ‘s make the chicks free amateurs shit chilly!

Well this is so beautiful real love doll (Dutch wife), but unfortunately, the only passive play is possible ←, Of course, it is natural but the wand

blowjob and handjob are, unfortunately … Unfortunately. I tried it for the time being, but it is not pleasant at all. So, as Dutch wife ‘s nomination will cost you as much as Delhiel, we would like to finish it with free morals if possible.

A dating site that Chile loves at such a time. I have become a heavy user of PCMAX and exciting mail since last year, but the major is definitely “encounter system” site.

Why use the site, “If the only handjob …”, a lot of amateurs of such transformation handmade coquimania gather.

We are showing off Chile’s rating system on this maniacs site by column, so please have a look.

Registration is free for those sites, free for female transformation profile, of course. If you register two, you can find the other party immediately!

If you want sex more than a handjob, this is recommended for people who would like to have sex, 800 yen worth of points is attached now in GW.


Sex Doll available at this price in the USA market

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