Sex toys for men: let the game begin!

Who said that erotic toys were only for women? In the masculine world, there are plenty of accessories for him to enjoy as much or more than you. Rings, masturbators, dolls … We discover all the options.

Enjoying sex is no longer something that takes place only as a couple. In moments of loneliness, there are also many ways to achieve pleasure and enjoy sexuality. We’ve seen it with the best sex toys for women and now we’re going to see it in the male case. With many differences and some similarities, the world of erotic accessories is more fashionable than ever. We started with the selection!

In the list, you will have observed both toys for women and men. In the case of vibrators and dildos it is very easy to distinguish but, do you know how the rings are used and what are they for? Do you know what other sex toys are there for men? Here we tell you the most common … Take note!

The masturbator

While there has always been a lot of chatter in the networks for this type of objects, the truth is that they are more fashionable than ever. They are toys that are placed around the penis and that exert different pressures and speeds to provoke pleasurable sensations. There are also different materials and can be electric or manual. If a man wants to experience a totally different masturbation, this is his toy.

Male prostate and vibrator stimulators

They are not suitable toys for all kinds of men, but they are certainly the most pleasant options for those who dare. Prostate stimulators and male vibrators are sexual complements in the style of female vibrators. The variation, in this case, is given in that they are specific products to cause pleasure through the anus so that they have a different form and focused on the male G-spot. If you are looking for a sex toy for men but your boy does not dare with these options, you can always try other things, like making love for each and every one of the corners of your house to exploit the morbid in your relationship.

Vibrating ring

Have you ever heard of vibrating rings but do not know very well what they are used for? These sex toys have become so fashionable lately that they can even be purchased at the supermarket in the area where the condoms are located. The vibrating rings are placed at the base of the penis and are intended to produce new sensations during penetration or masturbation. When vibrating they have a double function: to produce pleasure of different form and to cause stronger and lasting erections.

Anal plug

Another experience not suitable for all types of men. In the case of gay, bisexual, curious or open-minded men who want to experiment, the anal plug can cause a lot of pleasure. It is very similar to a dildo but its shape is especially intended for anal pleasure: it is, therefore, shorter and has a camped or widened end that does not get lost in the rectum, since this, unlike the vagina, which is limited by the cervix, the rectum continues to the colon directly. That is why this type of sex toys vary in width but not so much in size. It is recommended to use condoms for hygiene reasons and always, always with a lot of lubricants. And for those who want to experience anal sex in a more “real” way, here are a few ideas …

Erotic Sex doll

The Sex dolls are a classic among the classics when we talk about sex toys for men. With time they have been refined, they are more realistic and some are made of more TPE materials and suitable for male pleasure, but good they do not stop being dolls. Maybe with some candles and some romantic music … But no.

Oils and lubricants

Oils and lubricants are not toys in the strict sense of the word but they are perfect options to play and enjoy with your body. It happens in the case of women and also in that of men. Either to expand the area of the anus or to be able to spread it by the penis to obtain more pleasure or lubrication, these are two increasingly common options when looking for pleasure.


Fifty Shades of Gray managed to put on the sexual map the fascinating world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, and Sadomasochism). These techniques only please a few but for those who are adept there are plenty of toys and accessories: whips, sexual electrostimulation devices, jaws, masks or necklaces of submission, are just some small samples of what this wide universe can offer. And of course, in addition to toys inspired by the saga, there are also a few positions for those who want to start. You dare?

Play as a couple


In addition to countless toys to enjoy solitary sex, you can also see it as a way to enhance the morbid relationship and find new ways of excitement as a couple. Why do not you dare with vibrating rings to start? Or maybe a little soft BDSM for beginners? Another very common option between couples is that the woman tries sex toys on the man (oils or stimulators if he dares) or the man does the same with the woman (with a vibrator or dildo). Try it with some of these Kamasutra postures and you will forever forget the word monotony.

And if the toys are not exactly your thing, nothing happens. To enjoy as a couple there are many other alternatives. One of the most common is to practice sex in different places or try new positions. If you want to move, try to do some of these Kamasutra postures in the car. It’s exciting and fun at the same time!

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